from the eased space where no one watches
private as a prayer on your knees
where the Divine Listener hears you
and heavy gravity flees…..

she, too, goes to that place
where They have waited for her to come
with smiles that show no teeth
and Smilence dilates into love

she glides on the rafts of canvas
to their isles of Message & Image
she studies their sights
in the stillness of night
to deliver acute meanings in rites…
of passage

The art of Lynnix
That the windows of the soul find nostalgia and acquiesced irony…

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  1. Hi Lynn, awesome paintings! I really loved your landscape collection and the others were also very bold, creative works of art!

  2. Hi Lynn,
    Your paintings are really very good/great. It runs in the family. Yr dad used to paint and so did Uncle Ben. I do not know of anyone in your gen other than u who paints.
    May the Divine Holy God bless you abundantly.
    We are proud of you.

    1. Such kind words Cousin. Yes that’s why I put daddy’s art up –to honor him. you know he cant paint anymore. I read your comment to him just now. He smiled but in that sad sort of way… Anyway thank you James. I take those blessings and return to you in kind. May God Bless you too abundantly!!

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